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Tree Art Framed (set of 4)

Tree Art Framed (set of 4)

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Introducing our Boom Boom Set of 4 Abstract Wall Paintings, a collection of exquisite artworks that seamlessly blend the rich, luxurious tones of blue and gold with heavy texture and intricate gold foil embellishments. Each painting in this set is a mesmerizing dance of blue and gold, where the bold pops of these regal colors create a sense of depth and vitality. The heavy texture of the artwork adds dimension, enticing you to run your fingers over the canvas to feel the visual rhythms. The gold foil embellishments, delicately applied to the deckled edge paper, provide an air of opulence and shimmer that catches the light, adding an element of luxury to the collection. To enhance the presentation, each painting is delicately floated against a light grey background, creating a visual contrast that makes the blue and gold tones pop even more. The gold frame adds a touch of sophistication.

Dimensions23.4 x 1.5 x 33.4 (in)MaterialCanvasFinishHand FinishedColorBlue


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